Nobody really prepares you for grief. Especially when you’re in a situation that moves so quickly.

This February I had the honour of attending Write Now Live, an initiative by Penguin to find, mentor and publish new writers from under-represented communities (BAME, LGBTQ etc).

It’s only been a week, and already we’ve had a whole pile of submissions for our Words Anthology project.

To raise money for St Luke’s Hospice, we’re looking for submissions from a number of gallant, creative and talented writers to be part of an anthology to be launched this Christmas. Last year I worked closely with designer and illustrator, Daniel Thompson, to create a short story called The Coalman. With support from agency, Holden & […]

The Gap is an organisation in Manchester that’s aiming to bridge the gap between Fringe theatre and theatre at venues such as HOME and The Royal Exchange Theatre.

I had not been to Edinburgh before last weekend. I feel like that’s sacrilegious for someone who studied drama for three years – but there you go. Last weekend was my first introduction to a whole pile of things: Scotland, whisky, trying to stay up for about a million hours to catch a late night Fringe […]

It was monumental news the day that the key to the zoo was handed over to Alice.